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Ingrid fervently wishes for her dear mice dolls to become alive so that they can experience an adventure. Suddenly Ingrid's wish comes true... but the mice dolls sneak off to The Peak, without telling or including Ingrid! What will the mice dolls do with the gift of life? Will the mice dolls ever return to Ingrid, or is there a chance that they will wilfully forget her once they have tasted life in the new world they have discovered? And how will Ingrid react now that she has lost her favourite toys?

The Golden Week is a brand new Hong Kongese fairy tale that the whole family can enjoy!

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香港 Hong Kong

Book Reviews

Imaginative and adventurous ★★★★★

'I found this book to be imaginative and adventurous. Especially the mention of the togetherness of people, animals and nature. I feel that the book should be read by pupils and high schoolers alike. Consequently, I warmly recommend this book to be part and partial of a school library from an early age to young adult.' Mr Grugaard

'This book can bring you to a fascinating world of fantasy.  Ingrid and her small adorable mouse dolls goes on an adventure around Hong Kong.  Since I live in HK, it is very interesting to compare real life around me with the book.  It made me want to walk out of my house and visit the places.  Once I start to read, it wouldn’t stop me from turning another page!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.' ginka.h

'A beautiful story of the adventures of a family of toy mice belonging to Ingrid. The author’s attention to detail allows you to experience their journey to the Peak in Hong Kong, and share their excitement and fear! Although this may be challenging for younger readers, they will be rewarded with this hugely enjoyable fairy tale.' C

'I have recently finished reading The Golden Week and recommend you to read it! Here is my review: Marianne’s second book, The Golden Week, follows on loosely from The Golden Age but is also a completely stand-alone story.  Readers of The Golden Age will be pleased to find Ingrid and her family feature in The Golden Week too, but the main characters of this tale are Ingrid’s family of toy mice, who magically come to life and have an incredible adventure on The Peak of Hong Kong.  They meet various interesting creatures on their journey and make discoveries about the world and themselves.  Reading this book made me think about all the things that are going on around me in nature, just out of sight, and made me want to slow down and look a little more closely.  It also brought back happy memories of the wonder and magic of childhood.  Congratulations Marianne on another well researched, beautifully written book in your unique and charming style.'  - VLK

'The Golden Week is an ode to the flora and fauna of Hong Kong, and to childhood. It’s a charming book with engaging and colourful characters which will delight and inform readers of all ages. I can’t wait to read it as a paperback 🐭' by A.B.


The Golden Week ★★★★★

'This book is continuation from the author’s first book and is full of fantasy and magical stories that take place in exotic Hong Kong. This time, the story revolves around a doll mouse family’s 5 day adventure to The Peak of Hong Kong Island and the their encounters with other creatures who live there. It is beautifully written in the author’s narrative style with a lot of poetic expressions and what’s waiting for us is a very warm ending. I highly recommend this book not only for young readers but also to grown-ups who used to read a lot of fantasy books in their childhood.' S

'Hi Marianne, Just wanted to congratulate you again on your accomplishment. Just wanted to let people know why they should read this book! :) I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to be able to read through it. The book is beautifully written, a quick and fun read. The main characters, little toy mice come to life, are adorable and the story around them is complex but entertaining. There are so many interesting animals you meet through their journeys and so much about the natural world of HK to marvel over. Having never been to Hong Kong, I feel very in love with the culture, nature and city after reading your books and can't wait to visit one day!' C.M.

You'll forget your own week! ★★★★★

'Books like this make you forget how your own week was like. The Golden Week takes you on a head spinning journey with mice, humans and toys. For me, it's in a genre of its own. Love it.' By Vs Parani

A beautiful fairy tale! ★★★★★

'Marianne Andersen has written yet another enchanting and endearing fairy tale based in rich lands of Hong Kong . The story follows the delightful steps of Ingrid’s toy mice, who have been granted life due to Ingrid’s imagination, love and devotion to them. A love-note to childhood, Hong Kong, and the constructive/destructive powers of nature. The wise words of the author pulls the reader along on a magical journey through the Hong Kong forest where we meet marvelous characters, danger and a healthy dose of humour. This story is extravagant in metaphor, elegant language and pearls of wisdom. A heavy but quick and compelling read it is sure to delight readers of all ages.' By Cori Andersen

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