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Imagine having had a childhood or having gone to a school where there were no books.  For many of us this is unimaginable.  For others this is reality.


I recently had the great privilege of donating The Golden Age book copies to the Love Reading Campaign Association (LRCA) who are an absolutely wonderful NGO in Hong Kong S.A.R..  Spearheaded by Mrs. Sarah Ho, the LRCA works tirelessly to encourage and promote a love of reading and charity reading in Hong Kong S.A.R., Thailand, and Vietnam, and one of their many incredible actions is distributing books to schools whose libraries are in great need of literature, work which Gamma Leonis Books thinks is immensely noble, formidable, thoughtful, powerful, and kind - Take a moment to imagine the immense JOY that the LRCA is giving to countless children and adults 💙📚✨🌟💫 … individuals who actually yearn to read.


Please consider donating your unwanted books to the Love Reading Campaign Association in Hong Kong, and to supporting their work such as Reading Aloud to Others, as this will lift the spirits of countless worthy individuals who wish to read books and who wish to enjoy reading or hearing a good story, your thoughtful book donations will empower individuals and change their lives for Good.


We all know that reading books changes lives 🐛📖🦋  You, too, have the power to change a life.


A thousand thanks to Mrs. Ho and Mr. Tang at the LRCA for accepting our The Golden Age gift book donations🙏🏻 and for sharing our fairy tale with new Readers across Asia 🌈  God Bless You.


Love, Light, and Peace.

xxx Gamma Leonis Books 

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