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The Author,

Marianne Andersen

'My passion for fairy tales was instigated from the cradle. I come from two rich cultures that deeply appreciate fairy tales, legends, oral traditions, and literature - France and the Kingdom of Denmark, where sagas and fairy tales are recounted and read to children from the moment they are born. At the age of 8 I knew I wanted to become an author. My English teachers and librarians fostered my love of English literature during my school years, and it felt natural that I should study English Literature in England.

I thank my lucky stars that I have listened to my instincts and followed my passion for writing fairy tales, because fairy tales make people happy. Discover and rediscover the joy of reading fairy tales with me.'


The Illustrator,


'Hello! My name is GAM. I am an artist and illustrator based in HK. I have now illustrated three books for Marianne Andersen: The Golden Age, The Golden Week, and The Golden Daylights. I like to draw, doodle and illustrate anything in my free time!' 


The Graphic Designer,

Corinna Jasmine

Corinna Jasmine grew up in a tiny fishing village on the west coast of British Columbia with her artist parents and younger sister.   From a young age she has cherished and loved fairy tales and illustration, spending much of her childhood reading and creating artwork.  Corinna was delighted to contribute her illuminations and graphical designs to the whimsical paintings of GAM, and to be a part of this enchanting story.  Presently she resides and works as a graphical designer in Vancouver, BC with her husband and son.

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