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Ingrid's Mouse Family have returned home from their adventure with a little stone. Suddenly, the stone begins to grow and change... This change blossoms into a brand new adventure for You to read!


A fairy tale for ages 12-100 years old.


Includes a useful Glossary.

Available to preview, download, and buy on Apple Books:


With Love From

香港 Hong Kong

Book Reviews

'I loved this book, mostly because it’s so wholesome, but complex and sophisticated at the same time. The story has many levels to it, which means that if I read it again I'll probably find details that I didn’t notice before, because there are many beautiful details. I can't wait to read it again. The glossary helped me a lot and I learned so many new words. I love the characters and the plot twists and the artistic aspect of the story. Overall it’s a great read that I really recommend!' Anonymous, age 15

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